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The "Judo For" Program is our signature sports training program. It is a sports specific program that incorporates Judo principles and combines them with dynamic balance techniques.

Adding these principles and techniques to the skills of Soccer, Zenith can deliver a broad range of skill improvements to athletes and in turn their teams through the Judo For Soccer Program.



Zenith's Judo For Soccer Program is not only the premier Soccer cross sport training program in the country but the original! The Judo For Soccer Program combines years of competition experience with in depth knowledge of dynamic balance priciples and Judo fundamentals. Combining these skills and tailoring them for the sport of Soccer, means better physicality, improved skill levels, increased confidence and safety, whilst reducing the risk of injury to athletes.

The Judo For Soccer Program was used by the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) Soccer Team from 2005 to the program's cessation under the VIS in 2009. However, our program is not just for elite players and clubs. Zenith's Judo for Soccer Program can help any player, from any club, at any level to imptrove their skills. Zenith is currently consulting to teams such as the La Trobe University Womens Team.

For further information on Zenith's Judo for Soccer Program and what it can do for your team contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

* The "Judo For" Program is the new specific name for our original "Zenith Program"

The Judo For Soccer Program targets and improves the following skills:

  • 1-1 Positional Dominance
  • Ball Possession and Protection
  • Performance under pressure
  • Team Building
  • Decrease in athlete injury
  • Confidence