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Zenith Head Trainer Malcolm Bangs is now available for Speaking Engagements.

Since late 2010, Malcolm's sporting skills and experiences, as well as other pivotal events in his life have been utilised in guest speaking roles and presentations.

Originally beginning as a Guest Presenter for the TLC Mentoring program (to which he still presents) Malcolm assisted promising young athletes from a miriad of sports to move 'out of their comfort zone' introducing them to Judo basics whilst also speaking of his sporting experiences as an athlete, as well as a coach.

Malcolm's continued involvement with 'high profile' sports as a specialist coach, coupled with his Judo competition and training experience allows him to draw from numerous examples. This ensures that each presentation is not only thought provoking, inspiring and meaningful; but perceived by the audience as unique and most of all entertaining.

Ideal for almost any function, especially School and Club Presentations. For further information on how to have Malcolm present at your next function simply contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it