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Happy Birthday Zenith!

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 It's November and that means it's our Brithday and we are turning 5 and that is pretty awesome!

Over our 5 years we have steadily grown, consulting with and training grass roots to elite sports teams including; Soccer and Australian Rules Football as well as Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu athletes.

As everyone knows Birthdays mean presents, and we at Zenith believe it is far more fun to give then it is to recieve! So to celebrate our 5th year we want you to get the gifts. To find out more about our Birthday celebration offers simply look for the updates on our Facebook Page during November.

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So Where Are They Now?

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With Zenith's 5th Anniversary coming up in November, we thought we would look back to where it all began with the Victorian Institute of Sport (V.I.S.) Soccer Program and see where some of the athletes are now. We found several of the many Athletes we had trained during our consultancy with the V.I.S. Soccer program between 2005 - 2009, have gained contracts with high profile clubs in premier soccer competitions both here and overseas. Zenith is so very proud of it's involvement with the V.I.S. Soccer Program and even prouder of the continuing achievements of the athletes it had the pleasure and privilege to train during our 4 year involvement.

Below is a list of  and links to V.I.S. Soccer athletes that are currently contratcted to high profile competition clubs either in their Firsts, Reserves, Youth or Development Squad Teams. The list is a testament to the V.I.S. Soccer program and it's Head Coach Ian Greener who also had the foresight and unorthodox approach to source Zenith to provide a specialised Judo program in a quest to assist his athletes to achieve their goals.


The Football League - NPower Championship

Preston North End F.C.  Bailey Wright


The A - League

Melbourne Victory F.C.

Sebastian Mattei, Nick Ansell, Peter Franjic, Luke O'Dea, Alastair Bray, Jake Nakic, James Jeggo, Tedros Yabio

Melbourne Heart F.C.

Kliment Taseski, Kamal Ibrahim

Australian Institute of Sport (A.I.S.) Soccer

Kwabena Boahene, Hernan Espindola


A Perfect 2011 Pre-Season Starts with Zenith

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With the 2011 Football Pre-Season only weeks away for most clubs. Now is the time to get the jump on the oppostion and claim your 'unfair' advantage! Whether your team is at grass roots or elite level our program will improve your onfield play. Talk to us today about what our Judo For Football Program can do for your athletes and team. 

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 0412 468 811 for further details.


Zenith's Head Trainer appears in 'TAC Cup Future Stars' story

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Zenith Sports Services Head Trainer & Western Jets Wrestling Coach Malcolm Bangs acknowledged on Channel 9's TAC Cup Future Stars:


Check out the story that aired 25/7/10 on the development of the new Western Jets Training facility, that includes vision and comments about Zenith's own Malcolm Bangs. 



Zenith Reborn?? Well Sorta!!!

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We at Zenith work tirelessly to ensure that we provide you with the best! Recently we took a real good look and thought perhaps our website could be a easier to follow so you knew you were getting the right information on the service or product YOU want from us. There is no use being the best if your clientelle can't find what they want!!!

So to coincide with this 'overhaul' and our commitment to provide the best services to you with understanding and ease, we created some easy to identify logos that will point you to the right program to suit your needs.


Our orginal and premier product, 'The Zenith Program' is now known as 'Judo For'. The reason for this is that the original Zenith Program was initially designed for Soccer, but its so adaptable, it can be used for most sports so we thought 'Lets just make it easier to understand!' Under our new 'Judo For' banner we currently have, 'Judo For Football' and 'Judo For Soccer'. You never know, just give us time and there are sure to be new sports added under the 'Judo For' banner in the future. Rest assured it's still the same premier program used by the top teams in their respective sports. It's now just easier to find.

As many of you would know - we do more than just our 'Judo For' Programs. Our specialised Takedown Class is directly aimed at Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Shootfighting and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) - teaching selected throws that are designed to execute the takedown and ensure dominant position on the ground. And coming very soon Zenith will be offering Personal Training.

Also check out the newly added FAQ section. It is sure to help you answer some of the immediate questions that spring to mind. You will also find some more information about Senior Sports Specialist Malcolm Bangs, the history of the Zenith Program, how this journey began and alot more.

So there you have it - a new name and easier way to identify our premier program with colour coded logos to ensure that you're viewing the service you want. 


New Judo Rule Changes Could Affect Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Competitors

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So how could recent competition rule changes to Judo possibly affect Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) competitors?

With an increase in cross training between both sports, as Judoka (Judo Players) seek more ground work options through BJJ and BJJ competitors access more throwing techniques through Judo, those BJJ players that source their Judo via clubs may soon be missing out on extremely effective and useful throws as the recent changes in Judo Competition Rules take full effect.

The new rules were first trialled in October 09 at the Judo World Junior Championships. They were applied at the recent Oceania Judo Union World Cup Event in Samoa and have now become official . The implementation of the new rules 'basically' negates all grabbing of opponents from the belt down meaning the end of many 'pick up' styled throws where the opponents legs are grabbed during an attack.

Obviously with the change of competion rules the focus on 'Traditional' Judo throws will now gain a resurgence through most Clubs that train Judoka for Judo tournaments. As a result, those BBJ competitors that access Judo to learn throws to improve their takedown skills will now miss out on styles of throws that remain legal and effective in BJJ tournanments.

Over the last 2 years, Zenith Sports Services has consulted to many Jiu-Jitsu clubs, demonstarting an array of throws that are designed to get the thrower takedown points. We use safe throws that are difficult to counter and result in a dominant ground position.

With the ability and understanding to cater classes specifically to the needs of BJJ, why wade through a generic Judo class only to come away with a small percentage of throws for your sport?

Zenith Sports Servcies will soon be announcing takedwown classes specifically catered for BJJ / MMA. If you are interested in knowing more contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Alternatively club visits can also be negotiated at reasonable prices.


Is your current Judo/Takedown experienced catered specifically to your BJJ? 



Congratulations to the 2010 NAB Cup Champions

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Zenith Sports Services would like to congratulate the Western Bulldogs on winning the 2010 NAB Cup Final. Zenith are proud to have been involved with the team during their 2010 pre-season training, and we are more than positive that the team will take their fantastic form into the regular season.



Western Jets Lock Their Sights On Success With Zenith

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The Western Jets Football Club (a member of the TAC Cup competition), will be expreriencing the style of balance and tackling training that the AFL elite are currently utilising. Zenith Sports Services, consultant to the Western Bulldogs, have been given the opportunity by the Jets to train their players throughout the 2010 season.

When asked about the addition of the Western Jets, Head Trainer Malcolm Bangs had this to say. "I am very excited. I think it further proves that we are on the right track and doing great work. I am especially excited about the development angle - it was something that I enjoyed in our time with VIS Soccer. I dont think there is anything better than supplying a developing athlete with new skills and seeing those skills assist them to achieve their dreams." 

The TAC Cup has been highly successful in developing players for AFL and VFL competitions. The TAC Cup is recognised as one of the premier sporting talent development programs in Australia and in an interesting side note over 50% of all AFL draftees each year will come from the TAC Cup.

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Head Coach

Malcolm Bangs

Zenith Sports Services Founder and Head Trainer

Has competed nationally and internationally. Apart from a consistent National Ranking (U/81 KG) some of his more recent major achievements are listed below.

  • 2004 – Olympic Training Partner – Australian Olympic Judo Team (Athens 2004)

  • 2006 – 5th Place Freestyle Belt Wrestling – Belt Wrestling World Championships (Kazakhstan 2006)

  • 2007 – 9th Place World Cup – Oceania Judo World Cup Event (Perth 2007)

  • 2008 – Olympic Training Partner – Australian Olympic Judo Team (Beijing 2008)

As well as his impressive sporting achievements Malcolm has Coached and Consulted to numerous teams since Zenith's inception. Some of these teams include:
  • Victorian Institute of Sport (V.I.S.) Mens Soccer - Judo based Movement and Balance Coach (2005 - 2009)
  • Western Bulldogs Football Club - Tackling Consultant and Pre-Season Training Provider (2009 & 2010)
  • Western Jets Football Club - Wrestling Coach and Tackling Consultant (2010 & 2011)
  • Oakleigh Chargers Football Club - Specialist Coach - Wrestling/Tackling (Current)
  • Eastern Ranges Football Club - Specialist Coach - Wrestling/Tackling (Current)